Impacting and Engaging the Millennial Generation


Millennial’s in the workplace MUST learn the importance of their Personal Leadership Effectiveness, which has a direct impact upon their overall performance, productivity, team efficiency and bottom-line results. Everyone has a PLE Factor that is rooted in a core foundation of their Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments. This framework is very important, both personally and professionally.


To professionally help someone enhance their overall Personal Leadership Effectiveness it is critical to understand their character and behavior DNA. This important and useful data can be obtained from an individual’s MERIT Profile ™.

  • Each MERIT Profile provides information regarding an individual’s character competencies and primary behavioral traits. MOST IMPORTANTLY, a PLE Coach will be provided with valuable insights regarding an individual’s core attitudes, beliefs and commitments.

The following links provides valuable information regarding the character competencies that are foundational to enhancing an individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness, as well as current research regarding the millennial generation.

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