Maximizing Team Effectiveness

Factors Impacting an Organization’s Culture

Fear, Apathy, Politics, Conflicts, Burnout and Stress, Selfishness, Entitlement, Disengaged Employees, and Unnecessary Turnover
Trust, Purpose, Commitment, Work Ethic, Excitement, Accountability, Enhanced Performance, Increased Productivity, Team Efficiency and Overall Dedication and Contribution
Integrating PLE training and coaching processes into your culture will significantly enhance the retention of trusted and dedicated executives, managers, supervisors and employees. People simply want to know they are valued and that the organization they work for will invest in their personal and professional development.
An individual’s Personal Leadership Effectiveness has a direct correlation and impact upon the relationships they interface with and are accountable to work with each day in the workplace!
By having the ability to accurately assess an individual’s Character and Behavior DNA, combined with our PLE Learning and Coaching Methodology your organization will be significantly empowered to achieve your vision, mission and purpose!
MERIT Profile Applications
  • The data provides valuable insights regarding a person’s Attitudes, Beliefs and Commitments.
  • The data can be utilized to better understand an individual’s alignment and compatibility with co-workers and work groups.
  • The data of an individual can be aligned to the core values and leadership competencies of an organization.
  • The data reveals a person’s character and behavior tendencies, which can be benchmarked against a selected job position with specific performance requirements.
PLE Learning Methodology


Delivery Options

  1. Live facilitation can be provided by either an outside certified MERIT Trainer, or by an internal certified PLE Trainer that is employed by your organization.
  2. The PLE Learning Methodology is also provided through a mixed-mode “Learning Management System.”
PLE Engagement Platform
Mixed-Mode Application / Process…


  • Various topical segments
  • 15-minute daily topical learning
  • User engagement tracking and reporting
  • Customization of the platform is optional
Mixed-Mode PLE Learning and PLE Coaching Process…


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